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Aquarium Maintenance

A healthy beautiful aquarium starts with quality aquarium maintenance service. At each visit our service technician will perform:

  • Water changes

  • Decoration cleaning and rotation

  • Service filtration system

  • Equipment inspection

  • Water tests

  • Assess livestock health

Aquarium Design

A properly designed aquarium is key to long term success.

  • Stock and custom aquariums  and cabinetry

  • Themed and personalized aquariums

  • Built-In, Free Standing and Peninsula style

  • Special needs and sensory aquariums

  • Large or unique shaped aquariums 

Aquarium Sitting

Traveling for business or pleasure?  We can help!

  • Visit your home or office 

  • Feed your fish

  • Perform maintenance as needed

  • Provide regular updates to you

  • For your peace of mind, we are fully insured

Restoration and Repair

Buy a used aquarium or have non-working equipment? We can help!

  • Evaluate equipment condition and give quote before making repairs

  • Experienced at overhauling, repairing and restoring pumps, filters, protein skimmers, lighting systems

  • Resealing glass aquariums

  • Polishing acrylic aquariums

  • Parts in stock for most major manufactures

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