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Freshwater Fish

From Community fish to the rare and unusual, we do it all.

We can choose fish that will work out best for your aquarium or you can pick out your own.

Our fish are offered fully quarantined and eating before going into your aquarium

Special orders are no problem

Saltwater Fish

We offer saltwater fish from all over the world.

Not sure what fish go together? Our staff can help you choose the best fish for your aquarium. Our Saltwater fish are fully quarantined and eating before going into your aquarium. We offer one of the best saltwater fish guarantee policies in the area

Corals and Invertabrates

Want to add something a little different to your aquarium? We have you covered!

Colorful shrimps, crabs and lobsters are easy to keep and interesting additions to many aquariums.  Looking for  corals for your reef aquarium? No problem, we offer aqua cultured and wild SPS, LPS and soft corals.

Anemone for your clown fish? We do that too.

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